Liberty City Police Academy

Est. 2010

Clan Rules

General and All Member Rules:

* If you want to be a member of LCPA, you MAY NOT be a member of any other Police/EMS Clans.
* You CANNOT join other Police/EMS Clan Patrols or Events
* Use common sense
* No Voice Changers
* You MUST follow traffic laws when getting a new emergency vehicle. (except at the very beginning of patrol)  * You must be at least the age of 12 years old to be a member of LCPA.
* Do NOT mess/fool around while on patrol
* You may NOT ignore/ hang-up when an Officer or Fire Rescue Member is calling you during an accident/ traffic stop. (Request supervisor if you have a problem.)       * You may NOT film or take pictures of any LCPA Activities (patrols..ect) without the proper approval of Chazz141. If you are found filming or snapping shots you will be banned due to copyright infringement.    
* No Random Acts of Violence, such as when people are away, you must have a reason to kill                          * You MAY NOT kill anyone or assault anyone in the weapon spawn area.
* Do NOT re-spawn kill when you die
* All Assault Rifles & Sniper Rifles are off limits except for SWAT officers
* RPG's & Sticky Bombs are NOT PERMITTED
* Grenades & Molotov's are NOT PERMITTED
* Armor can ONLY be used by Police Officers
* All red lights are treated as a 4-way stop. Stop for 3s, look,then proceed
* Use of Helicopters is PROHIBITED unless you are in SWAT & get approval
* Use of Exotic cars (Corvettes,Lamborghini's,banshee's etc..) are NOT PERMITTED
* You are NOT PERMITTED to use parachutes
* You are NOT PERMITTED to leave the second island UNLESS you have been granted permission from an LCPA Official in game
* You are NOT PERMITTED to enter the subway/train tracks with a vehicle
* If you crash at high speed you must stop, you CANNOT continue to drive the vehicle.
* You must keep your headset on at all times during patrol
* Follow forum guidelines.                                                                                                                       

LCPA Officer/Fire Rescue Rules

* FOLLOW Commands from your superior/ commanding officer
* While on patrol do not use the radio for talking with friends. If you want to talk to someone about something not related to the patrol, call this player instead
* When there is a serious situation going on, only the officers involved may use the radio. All other units must abide the radio silence
* Do NOT follow civilians, waiting for them to commit a crime or traffic infraction
* If a player requests a supervisor you MUST call for one.                                              
* If you are in a pursuit you are NOT PERMITTED to grab a health pack/kit
* Do NOT pass another police officer unit while in pursuit unless he crashes or tells you to pass him/her
* Do NOT fire at the suspect until you have permission from dispatch or an official. If the suspect shoots at you then you may open fire.
* When a police officer dies in a pursuit he CANNOT rejoin again until he gets a new police car
* Fire rescue members are NOT PERMITTED to use any weapons
* Do NOT join a pursuit if you have a suspect in your vehicle
* Blip glitch is NOT PERMITTED unless you are a LCPA Official
* If you hit a civilian member's vehicle when you are in a pursuit you must pull out of pursuit and check on the driver.    
* Your are not permitted to fly a helicopter or drive a APC unless you are a SWAT Officer and receive permission                                                                                                                                             * Suspect Can Only Serve Up To 4 Hours (On Your Phone)

Civilian Rules

* Do NOT interfere with any police or fire rescue work (traffic stops,hostage situations, MVA's etc.)
* Do NOT always run from the cops (you could just be getting a warning)
* If you run away from police whether on foot or driving erratically and endangering lives, police have the right to shoot & kill you after getting permission from dispatch or an official.                                                                              
* If a civilian is involved in a pursuit, when he dies he cannot rejoin it
* If you pronounce yourself dead you MAY NOT run, shoot, or do anything else.                        
* If you are being chased by police you are NOT PERMITTED to grab a health pack/kit
* When an officer says "You are cuffed" you CANNOT move, pull out a gun, shoot, run away etc..
* Once you are arrested and in a cop car for transport you MAY NOT escape
* You are NOT PERMITTED to vandalize ANY unattended emergency vehicles for example (shooting tires, moving vehicle w/ car...ect)
* You are NOT PERMITTED to steal Police/EMS Vehicles
* You are NOT PERMITTED to kill a FR member
* ONLY one pursuit at a time
* You are NOT PERMITTED to fly a helicopter or use the APC
* Any glitches (blip, under-water, ect..) are NOT PERMITTED

Clan Staff


L.C.P.D Commissioner

L.C.P.D Deputy Commissioner

L.C.P.D Chief

L.C.P.D Deputy Chief 2nd Class

L.C.P.D Deputy Chief 1st Class

L.C.P.D Captain 2nd Class:

L.C.P.D Captain 1st Class

L.C.P.D Lieutenant 2nd Class

L.C.P.D Lieutenant 1st Class

L.C.P.D Sergeant

L.C.P.D Senior Ground Patrol Unit

L.C.P.D Ground Patrol Unit

L.C.P.D Jr. Ground Patrol Unit

L.C.P.D Recruit

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