Liberty City Police Academy

Est. 2010

Behavior Policy

The Behavior Policy is a recent addition to the clan, it will ensure that all our Members will follow the clan policy. If you are found to be breaking any Policy you will be issued with One Warning, if you still fail to follow clan policy's you will be retrained and/or Suspended for One Day. (Using Management's Discretion).

These Warnings and Suspensions will be on RECORD so management will know your previous History, Also be aware that when you receive the suspension you will be in a chat after patrol talking to Chazz141 . If you receive to many suspensions you will be in a meeting with all 5 management personnel.  

NOTE: All Decisions MUST be reported to Chazz141, to be put on Record. Also Decisions Must Be Discussed After wards. 

Breaking the Clan Polices:

 To receive a warning you will be breaking the following in some way;

  • Speeding (Police Officers)
  • Running Red Lights (Police Officers)
  • Not Following US Traffic Laws (Police Officers)
  • Reckless Driving (Police Officer)
  • Disrespectful (In any way)
  • Not following the policies.
  • Consistent Swearing.
  • Consistent Shouting.
  • Homophobic or Racial Abuse (In Any Way)
  • Constantly not able to follow orders from a higher ranking officer.
  • Interruption.
  • Constant Bad Driving
  • Not informing Crook leader/Dispatch of activities
These are just some of the new 'Zero Tolerance' Policy Rules and Regulations, there are more Coming Soon. 
 Zero Tolerance, One Strike and your out!
* Behavior Policy *

Clan Staff


L.C.P.D Commissioner

L.C.P.D Deputy Commissioner

L.C.P.D Chief

L.C.P.D Deputy Chief 2nd Class

L.C.P.D Deputy Chief 1st Class

L.C.P.D Captain 2nd Class:

L.C.P.D Captain 1st Class

L.C.P.D Lieutenant 2nd Class

L.C.P.D Lieutenant 1st Class

L.C.P.D Sergeant

L.C.P.D Senior Ground Patrol Unit

L.C.P.D Ground Patrol Unit

L.C.P.D Jr. Ground Patrol Unit

L.C.P.D Recruit

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