Liberty City Police Academy

Est. 2010


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Posted on December 14, 2010 at 10:48 PM


        Search The Name Of The Subject Below

                To Run A Backround Check.


Clan Staff


L.C.P.D Commissioner

L.C.P.D Deputy Commissioner

L.C.P.D Chief

L.C.P.D Deputy Chief 2nd Class

L.C.P.D Deputy Chief 1st Class

L.C.P.D Captain 2nd Class:

L.C.P.D Captain 1st Class

L.C.P.D Lieutenant 2nd Class

L.C.P.D Lieutenant 1st Class

L.C.P.D Sergeant

L.C.P.D Senior Ground Patrol Unit

L.C.P.D Ground Patrol Unit

L.C.P.D Jr. Ground Patrol Unit

L.C.P.D Recruit

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