Liberty City Police Academy

Est. 2010


Liberty City Police Academy 

Today, The LCPA Is Better Trained, Better Educated And More Diverse Than At Any Other Time In History. Our Technological Capabilities Allow Officers And Support Staff To Be Better Equipped And Intelligence-Led When Problem Solving And Dealing With Day-To-Day Responsibilities. We Are A Role Playing Clan That Operates On Grand Theft Auto-The Ballad Of Gay Tony On The Playstation 3 System Please Fill Out An Application By Clicking Here And Register On The Site. 


Clan Staff


L.C.P.D Commissioner

L.C.P.D Deputy Commissioner

L.C.P.D Chief

L.C.P.D Deputy Chief 2nd Class

L.C.P.D Deputy Chief 1st Class

L.C.P.D Captain 2nd Class:

L.C.P.D Captain 1st Class

L.C.P.D Lieutenant 2nd Class

L.C.P.D Lieutenant 1st Class

L.C.P.D Sergeant

L.C.P.D Senior Ground Patrol Unit

L.C.P.D Ground Patrol Unit

L.C.P.D Jr. Ground Patrol Unit

L.C.P.D Recruit

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